Medical IT

medical-it-webEasy and correct collecting of patient information both clinical and molecular is essential for research as well as for clinical decision making. Health E-Solutions offers affordable and flexible patient registrations systems that not only help you store data but also make your data accessible for downstream analysis, This all with the level of security requested by the government for storing patient related data.

Besides the patient registration systems, Health E-Solutions provides mobile development for healthcare services and E-Learning systems.


Diagnostic Solutions

diagnostiek-webThe correct and rapid diagnosis of diseases, pathogens or cancer types is key for beneficial and cost effective patient treatment. However, approval of new diagnostic techniques with the authorities is time consuming, expensive and cumbersome. Tailor-made diagnostic modules such as those for bacterial or cancer diagnosis are developed in close cooperation with our customers. This shortens customer time-to-market and ensures that their major focus can remain on diagnostics rather than analytical support infrastructure.



research-webHealth E-Solutions is always interested to actively increase its network as well as its product and knowledge portfolio. Therefore we are participating in several research projects funded by the Dutch government or the European Union.

Within these projects, Health E-Solutions is involved in the development of new cutting edge technologies such as a diagnostic biomarker platform for mood disorders.

The close interaction and cooperation with leading research institutes and other high-tech companies participating with us in such research projects keeps us sharp for new developments in the biomedical and diagnostic sectors and guarantees that we can offer state of the art technology to all our customers. In addition, it is our experience that the good relations grown between participating parties of research projects are optimal stepping stones for further collaborations, also after the initial project has finished.


imaging-it-webDecision making is a personal process, however having access to tools that structure or visualize the available data could be supportive for a better decision. Health E-Solutions has a broad experience in delivering decision support systems that range from applications for X-Ray computer aided diagnosis support systems to microscopic imaging analysis.

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