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IS Diagnostics Spin-off Medical Microbiology (VU)

IS-Diagnostics is a spin-off company from the department of Medical Microbiology of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and has developed a new profiling technique for bacteria diagnostics. The technique is based on targeting particular – species specific – fragments of the bacterial DNA using PCR which enables for bacteria identification via chromatography.
However, for the interpretation of the complex bacteria profiles intensive data analysis is needed. Therefore, we support IS-Diagnostics with the development of a diagnostic module able to analyze the DNA fragment data – thereby automating the bacterial diagnostic process. In addition, we are developing the underlying IT components (databases, data transfer, auditing, etc.) following GAMP 5 (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines – required when operating in the highly regulated field of diagnostics.

CLIENT: IS Diagnostics
SERVICES: Diagnostics

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