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iNeo Stroke (interactive brain atlas)

iNeo Stroke is the first practical guide for making a correct diagnosis of suspected neonatal stroke. The application creates a personal stroke database in your iPhone and is also a tool for multi-centre registration.

The iNeo Stroke App is available in the iTunes App Store.

iNeo Stroke has been developed as an interactive brain atlas for use in neonatal neurological care. The application allows clinicians around the world to access relevant reference information regarding brain lesions and stroke symptoms/occurrences via a personal iPhone. Upon entering information, the application can provide guidance on the appropriate treatment steps used based on similar cases in literature. Expert advice can also be sought on a case-by-case basis via a communication link that sends specific questions to an expert in neonatal neurology who can provide a more accurate response.

The App is developed for Paul Govaert, MD, PhD at Sophia Children’s Hospital in Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, the Netherlands and at ZNA Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis in Antwerp, Belgium.

CLIENT: Sophia Children Hospital


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